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WFFC Fall Seminar:
Today’s Consumer Tastes & Their Influence on the F&F Industry

By: Deniz Ataman (Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine)

The Women in Flavor & Fragrance Commerce, Inc. held its fall seminar, titled “Today’s Consumer Tastes & Their Influence on the F&F Industry” on September 14, 2016 at the Saddle Brook Marriot in Saddle Brook, New Jersey. From beverage trends to aromatherapy in consumer wellness to pet food business strategies to answering the question, “What do millennials want?” the seminar explored a breadth of topics to educate an audience of perfumers, flavorists and allied professionals.

Ilana Orlofsky, Marketing Coordinator, Imbibe, discussed current trends and trend drivers in functional beverages. As consumers continue demanding multifaceted products, multifunctional beverages offer health benefits for an ever-evolving wellness market. Consumers, especially the tech-savvy millennials, are looking for immediate results for their busy lives. This includes instant nutrition. Furthermore, consumers are looking to take care of themselves through health and technology integration.

George Josef, Marketing Manager North America, DIANA Pet Food, explained that pet food is a recession-resistant industry. New products are hitting shelves on a regular basis, and many of the labels sound similar to their human counterparts: organic, non-GMO, grain-free and alternative technology are introducing new ways to process pet foods. Consumers look to the label for their pet’s foods and wellness.

Debra Bornstein, Vice President, North America Fragrance Creation, Home & Personal Care, Symrise Inc., discussed a variety of new platforms to bring pets and owners together—from celebrity pets on social media to pet/owner “matching” apps. Treatment is very big, like flea and tick products, but now as health and wellness expand into the pet arena, products are including essential oils as well as oatmeal shampoos and gourmand fragrances for bath products. It was also discussed how Trends for cat litter range from experiential and malodor control.

Tom Lauzurica, Marketing Manager Berjé, Inc., led an engaging presentation on why millennials are making such an impact on the F&F industry. Lauzurica explained that by 2021, millennials will be the generation with the most spending power. In fact, this group is expected to be the most brand loyal generation yet and the most connected to their favorite products and brands as they are native to technology and social media. It’s important then that companies speak the right language: branding should be honest and rooted in social consciousness.

Mario Valdovino, Corporate Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Innovations, Tyson Foods, Inc., explained that the “rediscovering our food” culture is what is driving innovative products. Consumers are changing the way they look at food, which is evolving into a more experiential, de-ritualized and personal experience. With fad diets falling by the wayside, consumers are looking to food as a means for improved health and wellness.

Aromatherapy continues to be a burgeoning area of both the health and wellness market and essential oil industry. Amy Galper, B.A., M.A., Executive Director, NYC Institute of Aromatherapy, defined aromatherapy as a dynamic and holistic approach for consumer wellness. It’s certainly a realm that the F&F industry can learn from in terms of formulating products designed to make people feel like they are making the best choice for their physical and mental health.

As we explored different corners of the F&F marketplace, one thing is definitely certain: change is among us in all segments. Whether you’re a dog owner, a cat or a human looking to improve your way of living, products are shifting towards personalization, customization and accessibility.

Special thanks to our event sponsors – Bedoukian Research, Berjé, Comax Flavors, Kalustyan Corporation and Panzarasa Group.

Speakers: L-R:
George Josef (DIANA Pet Food); Debra Bornstein (Symrise Inc.); Ilana Orlofsky (Imbibe); Chef Mario Valdovino (Tyson Foods, Inc.);  Amy Galper (NYC Institute of Aromatherapy); Tom Lauzurica (Berjé, Inc.)

Seminar Audience Listening to
Chef Mario Valdovino
(Tyson Foods, Inc.)

Display of Playa Bowls offered during Lunch


L-R: Al Giannantonio (WILD Flavors & Specialty Ingredients); Christine Varelas (Florachem Corporation); Jeff Arway (Berjé, Inc.)

Chelsey Boudreau and Abbey Takacs (Drom Fragrances International)

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