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WFFC Fall Event - Rising Africa

By Laure Moutet (EFEO)

WFFC’s fall seminar “Rising Africa,” held on November 4, 2015, focused on the current trends and diverse influences that this continent brings to the Fragrance & Flavor Industry.  Ragdha Massoud, Project Manager at Kalustyan Corp., illustrated Africa’s beauty, diversity and music in an inspiring video.

According to James Russo, Senior Vice President, Global Consumer Insights of Nielsen Group, Africa now covers 54 countries where 50% of the population is less than 20 years old with a floating middle class of over 350 million people. The distribution points are complex, from pushcarts to shopping malls, offering diverse opportunities to tap in this market which represents 20% of the world market.

From P&G, Director, Research & Development, Miguel Alemani, focused on Nigeria as it is the third largest diaper market for P&G worldwide. Nigeria also represents 50% of the African buying power with over 175 million inhabitants and $1 trillion a year spent from the growing middle class expected to reach 50% by 2030. Rafael Trujillo, Research Fellow and Senior Perfumer at P&G, pointed out that Africa offers huge opportunities for fragrances noting that they must be specifically formulated to meet the African consumers’ preferences for more complex notes.

Jide Adedeji, founder of Teragro, worked in the flavor industry in the USA, but went back to Nigeria to take advantage of Africa’s growing market. Using Nigerian products and technology for the Nigerian market, the company developed mint candies, tomato based sauces and a variety of natural flavors. Coffee is the next challenge Adedeji’s company plans to pursue.

Hugo Bovill, owner of Ajowan Consulting, shared slides taken during his long adventurous trip through Sub-Saharan Africa. According to Bovill, 17 African countries are producing raw materials for the F&F industry such as Gum Arabic (Sudan), Olibanum (Somalia), Teatree (Kenya), and Eucalyptus (Ethiopia).  In addition to the major essential oil producing countries such as Egypt, Madagascar, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia, oils are now being produced in new regions such as in Burundi, Uganda, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania.

Michele Starke, Marketing Director of Piquet Buchu, shared a spectacular slide show on the Cape Town region before describing her company’s farm and the various activities, including the production of 2 tons of organic Buchu oil a year. Additionally, Starke described Piquet Buchu’s nurturing community involvement, which offers a variety of resources such as staff training, a daycare, a health care clinic and a learning center.

An African themed lunch concluded the seminar with a special presentation by Marie Wright, Vice President & Chief Global Flavorist, Wild Flavors & Specialty Ingredients. “A Taste of Africa,” showcased current African trends in fashion as well as local food and beverages, together with their influence on the US markets.  The interactive presentation featured tasting and smelling local African products.

The WFFC fall seminar left us with a sense of excitement. Africa is growing and vibrant, offering considerable F&F business opportunities. The WFFC would like to thank our event sponsors: Ajowan Consulting, Berje, Fridal, Kalustyan, Nexira, Santis, Takasago and Van Aroma.

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L-R:  Miguel Alemany (Procter & Gamble Co.); Jide Adedeji (Teragro); Hugo Bovill (Ajowan Consulting); Michele Starke (Piquet Buchu); Marie Wright (WILD Flavors & Specialty Ingredients); Rafael Trujillo (Procter & Gamble Co.); James Russo (Nielsen Group)

L-R: Jide Adedeji (Teragro; Milton Seecharran (Takasago); Marie Wright (WILD Flavors & Specialty Ingredients)

 L-R: Paige Crist (Allured); Miguel Alemany (Procter & Gamble Co.);  Gillian Bleimann (Berje Inc.); Jide Adedeji (Teragro); Alpa Roman (Flavor & Fragrance Specialties); Asha Phekoo (Natural Ingredients Resources); Hugo Bovill (Ajowan Consulting); Raghda Maksoud (Kalustyan);Michele Starke (Piquet Buchu); Marie Wright (WILD Flavors & Specialty Ingredients); Laure MoutetRafael Trujillo (Procter & Gamble Co.);James Russo (Nielsen Group)  

L-R: Presenter Rafael Trujillo (Procter & Gamble Co.) and attendees

L-R: Attendees enjoying a special African themed lunch

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