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2013 WFFC+Symirse+Sniffapalooza Odysense - China Perfumer Trek

On November 11, 2013th the Symrise Fine Fragrance NY Studio graciously hosted “Odysense - China Perfumer Trek” event as part of the Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce’s New York City initiative in collaboration with Sniffapalooza. Symrise’s Doreen Bucher, VP Marketing, Fine Fragrance and Bibi Prival, Fragrance Evaluator shared an interactive and exciting presentation about Symrise’s creative teams’ inspiring Scent Trek to China using multimedia PowerPoint slides with videos as well as a colorful handout and scented blotters. The intimate and eclectic group of 40 fragrance and flavor industry professionals and fragrance aficionados explored 4 olfactive themes - Tea Immersion, Tasty Immersion, Floral Immersion and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Immersion - discovered on Symrise’s journey. The participants smelled  a total of eight accords such as Magnolia, Mango and Ginseng and four finished fragrances. The most intriguing take away was that the local Chinese flowers, fruits and spices all smelled unique and very different from the US version of these ingredients and inspired perfumers to create new and unexpected nuances. The WFFC is thankful to Symrise, Sniffapalozza and all attendees for their support and making this event a success. We look forward to seeing you at future NYC events. Happy holidays!


Symrise Odysense – China Perfumer Trek



L-R: Bibi Prival and Rhona Stokols (Symrise); Karen Dubin and Karen Adams (Sniffapalooza); Doreen Bucher (Symrise); Amy Marks-McGee (Trendincite LLC); Celine Roche (Mane)


L-R: Doreen Bucher, Sophie Bensamou, David Castagneto (Symrise)



L-R: Remy Bhatia (Givaduan); Darryl Do (Delbia Do); Hiro Nakayama (Project Felicia, LLC); Daisy Bow; Xu Pu



Sarah Roberts; Valerie Calilap (Flavor & Fragrance Specialties)


Bill Jin (PearlChem Corp.);
Sean Grimes and Bob Zak (Global Essence Inc.)


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