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2013 WFFC Chicago - Inspiring Your Senses with a Giving Heart

On January 17, 2013, the WFFC Chicago chapter hosted Inspiring Your Senses With A Giving Heart at Woman Made Gallery.  An intimate gathering of attendees were invited to a private preview of a brand new exhibit titled Public/Private featuring all female artists showcasing such works as “What does it feel like for a girl?” and “Watching you, Watching me, Watching.” 

While sipping champagne with our WFFC friends, Chef Ross Outten of Dolce Casa Cafe served masterful hors d’oeuvre, which included squash soup with sour cream and paprika, and cod “Brandade” with black olives and red peppers.  Next, guests made their way to the lower gallery for an insightful presentation by Annie Morse, Senior Lecturer Museum Education, Art Institute of Chicago. Morse’s knowledge and passion for art lit up the room. The presentation connected the influence of fragrance and flavor in works of art that spanned throughout human history and even featured a piece done by Picasso!

A portion of the proceeds were donated to Open Heart Magic, so part of the evening was dedicated to Diego Gonzalez, a  magician from the group.  Gonzalez spoke about the more than 3,500 sick children they visit bedside, for a VIP magic show and how with help from WFFC and others, they plan to reach 10,000 kids per year! 

Following the uplifting behind the scenes look, guests were able to “meet the chef” and hear about Chef Outten’s inspiration for the evenings’ selections and his excitement in making edible creations directly influenced by beautiful art. Guests indulged in Espresso Truffle and White Chocolate & Pistachio Brittle; each tied to artwork seen in the earlier presentation. The detail in which an artist can paint a lemon is exquisite and powerful.  It is not until those involved in fragrance and flavor, have experienced lemon in one of Chef Outten’s lemon squares that you feel connected to what amazing really is, and the art behind it.


L-R: Rebecca Riley,Dafne Diez De Medina, Jane Pinda, Annie Morse, Kelli Heinz, Danielle Smith, Renata Girnus, and Margaret Dvoretsky

Sarah B. Woods
What does it feel like for a girl? (VARIATION)



L-R: Mia Piorkowski and Kit Barmann



Red Wine & Pomegranate Jellies


Provencal Spices


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